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A True Skin Renewal Effect

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Peeling: For a "new skin" effect

Since ancient times, humans have sought to improve the quality of their skin and erase its imperfections. From Cleopatra with her donkey milk baths (rich in lactic acid) to the use of pumice stone, methods have evolved considerably since the advent of peeling in the 1900s. Specializing in aesthetic medicine, we offer quality peeling treatments in Paris, particularly in the Nation, Paris 11, and Paris 12 districts, for optimal effectiveness.

What is peeling?

Peeling is a dermatological technique involving the application of a chemical solution on the skin. This practice helps to remove superficial layers of the skin with imperfections and stimulates the production of collagen and elastin for cellular renewal.

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What can be treated with peels?

Our centers offer various types of treatments for peeling in Paris, more precisely in Nation, Paris 11, and Paris 12, tailored to each imperfection and desired depth of action (superficial, medium, or deep). Whether you suffer from dull complexion, acne, or wrinkles, we have a targeted solution.

Our peeling treatments in Paris are effective for:

  • Improving complexion and elasticity loss with a superficial peel containing glycolic, lactic, and salicylic acid.
  • Treating acne with a superficial peel composed of glycolic and salicylic acid.
  • Reducing pigmentation spots and melasmas with a superficial or medium peel containing kojic and phytic acid, and/or retinol.
  • Minimizing wrinkles and enlarged pores with a medium peel (TCA).

What are the contraindications?

It is important to note that certain health conditions may make peeling inappropriate, such as:

  • pregnancy
  • use of the drug Roaccutane®
  • sun exposure
  • irritated skin
  • HIV-positive patients
  • skin lesions

Do you wish to improve the quality of your skin and erase your imperfections?

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How do you prepare for a peeling session in Paris?

Before each session, a complete assessment of your skin will be carried out by our team of health professionals. This assessment will determine the type of peeling best suited to your situation and needs.

If you opt for a superficial peel, skin preparation beforehand is recommended to maximize the effectiveness of the treatment. Your doctor will prescribe a specific cream depending on your skin type. On the other hand, for a medium peel, no prior preparation is necessary. You just need to come with a cleansed face.

What should you do after a peeling session?

  • Superficial peel: After the session, moisturizing creams and creams containing fruit acids will be prescribed. These products help prepare your skin for future sessions and extend the effects of the peel.
  • Deep peel: A healing cream should be applied 2 to 3 times a day for the first week. Then, a cream targeting the treated imperfection will be prescribed for the following two months.

What results can you expect from a peel?

The benefits of a peel are quickly visible, with optimal results observed two months after the treatment. Unlike other treatments, which require more sessions, peeling offers a noticeable improvement in skin tone, texture, and firmness. Brown spots, acne, and fine lines are also reduced.

This treatment also has secondary benefits, such as the elimination of skin bacteria, improved healing, and pore tightening. Thus, peeling offers a range of benefits for your skin. Moreover, by combining peeling with photoluminescence sessions twice a week for six weeks, you will achieve even more spectacular results.

To learn more about our peeling treatments in Paris 11, 12, and Nation or our acne solutions, feel free to contact our team or visit our website.


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