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Permanent Hair Removal in Paris 12: Beautiful and Smooth Skin All Year Round

What is Laser Hair Removal in Paris?

Laser is a light (wavelength) that targets the melanin found in the hair root and burns it under the effect of heat. The principle involves a process of thermoregulation that permanently destroys the hair because it can no longer implant itself.

To understand laser hair removal, it's essential to know that there are different phases of hair life in the human body:

Anagen: The growth phase. During this period, laser sessions are recommended because the hair root is rich in melanin and responsive to the laser (between one and three months).

Telogen: The final phase of the hair's life cycle before it falls out to prepare for new hair. Laser sessions are not recommended for hair in the telogen phase (between three and six months).

Catagen: This is the phase where the hair (bulb) passes through the skin barrier (a relatively short period). Laser sessions are also not recommended for hair in the catagen phase as they are ineffective on hairs in this stage.

Laser hair removal in Paris 12 (near Paris 11 and Saint-Mandé) should be done over several sessions to target all hairs at their various life stages.

Which Lasers Are Used?

Depending on your skin and hair type, there are two reference lasers in the field of hair removal:

  • The Alexandrite laser is ideal for light skin and can treat fine hairs.
  • The Nd-Yag laser is used for treating deeper hairs, especially on dark or tanned skin.
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What Can Be Treated with Laser?

Different factors influence the response to laser treatment: the thickness and color of the hair, and the areas to be treated. Optimal results are achieved when the hair is very dark and/or very coarse. White, blonde, and red hairs or fine peach fuzz respond minimally to laser treatment and are even not recommended because they could turn into darker hairs due to the laser. Other techniques can eliminate them, such as electrolysis.

For women, the best areas are the underarms, bikini area, and lower legs. The face, arms, thighs, and abdomen should be considered on a case-by-case basis by the doctor. In cases of hyperandrogenism, the number of sessions may be uncertain.

For men, the beard, chest, and legs respond very well to laser treatment, but this is not the case for all areas of the back.

One of the advantages of laser hair removal in Paris 12 (near Saint-Mandé and Paris 11) is that in some cases, during conventional hair removal (shaving, tweezing, etc.), the hair can grow under the skin. This can lead to inflammation (pimple), and if left untreated, it can become infected and turn into a painful cyst. Laser is now the only recognized effective method to prevent hair from growing under the skin.

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What to Expect During a Laser Hair Removal Treatment?

During the session, the physician passes the laser light over the entire area to be treated, allowing it to identify all the hair roots under the skin that are in the right phase of their cycle to be permanently burned.

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How Many Sessions Are Needed?

The number of laser sessions required for permanent hair removal in Paris depends on the initial amount of hair, the color of the hair and skin, and the treated area. On average, it takes 6 sessions spaced 4 to 12 weeks apart to eliminate 70% of the hair, followed by 1 to 2 maintenance sessions per year until all hair is gone.

Afterward, for the most stubborn hairs, it is entirely possible to use conventional hair removal methods (tweezing, waxing, etc.) or even shaving. For a radiant face, it is recommended to come as soon as the hair regrows, approximately four to eight weeks after a session, as the more sessions are completed, the slower the regrowth becomes.

At What Age Can You Start?

Generally, hormonal maturity for hair growth occurs for women around 25-30 years and men around 40 years. To minimize the number of sessions, it is recommended to wait until reaching this age, but it is entirely possible to start younger. Just keep in mind that the number of sessions, like with Botox in Paris, may be uncertain.

It is still recommended to wait until at least 30 years old for men because hair growth is still evolving. For most patients, once hormonal hair maturity is reached, laser hair removal in Paris significantly improves their comfort (with over 80% of hair destroyed).

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How to Prepare Before the Laser Session:

  • A preliminary session is conducted to assess all treatment conditions. In some rare cases, laser hair removal may be not recommended.
  • Unbronzed skin, no sun exposure, no UV exposure, no self-tanning, no oral intake of tanning activators for at least 2 or 3 months; This is the most critical factor for a successful session.
  • Also, be cautious of certain prescriptions that may contain photosensitizing substances such as some antibiotics, Roaccutane, etc. Always inform your doctor.
  • Shave the area to be treated within the 3 days before the session.
  • Do not use wax or tweezers for hair removal for at least 1 month before the session.
  • A numbing cream like Emla may be prescribed for sensitive areas (bikini, underarms, etc.) to avoid feeling the pain caused by the laser. This should be applied two hours before the session in a thick layer and covered with plastic wrap for optimal results. A paracetamol tablet may also be recommended.

What Happens After the Laser Session?

  • After the treatment, the skin may be slightly red with a warm sensation and some rash around the treated hairs, which disappear within a few hours, allowing you to return to your normal daily life quickly. It is advisable to rinse the area with cold water and apply healing cream.
  • The hairs burned during the permanent hair removal session in Paris will usually grow and fall out about 15 days after the session.
  • Other hairs will regrow several weeks later, finer and lighter. Laser hair removal is never total but very often permanent.
  • It is possible to shave between sessions.
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Laser hair removal in Paris cannot be performed in the following cases:

  • Tattoos: This could risk destroying the tattoo itself by expelling the ink.
  • Pregnancy: Laser hair removal is not advised during pregnancy, both from a medical and legal standpoint.
  • Anyone with tanned skin (even if it's just self-tanning or UV sessions). All the melanin between the surface of the skin and the hair absorbs the laser's energy and transforms it into heat, so the skin has a higher risk of burning. It is imperative to inform your practitioner if you have been exposed to the sun recently, even if your skin is not tanned, to conduct tests and adjust the dose to be used.

Laser can be used on heavy legs; in case of venous insufficiency, recovery may take longer.


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