Treating the Jawline

How aesthetic medicine can rejuvenate your appearance

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treating the Jawline

What is the Mandibular Line?

When the first signs of aging appear, especially heliodermia of the bust, it's common to observe a displacement and transformation of fat masses in the face. The mandibular line of the face, harmoniously curved and running from the tip of the chin to the angle of the jaw, is then profoundly altered.

It undergoes a separation between the face and the neck, disrupting the reading of lines and curves, while wrinkles become more pronounced. The harmony of the face is really affected if it is not addressed in an aesthetic medicine treatment.

Why Resort to Aesthetic Medicine?

Aesthetic medicine can restore the mandibular line when it's slightly altered due to its recognized non-invasive action. It thus helps to restore overall harmony to the face, which regains radiance and youth. In some cases, surgery may be necessary. Your doctor will indicate the best course of action based on your skin's laxity.

How to Restore Facial Harmony?

Before any aesthetic medicine intervention, the practitioner conducts a thorough study of the mandibular line and the entire face. This allows them to determine the precise areas that need special attention to rebalance the curves of the face's oval shape. They can also determine the type of treatment they will prioritize in their interventions. Indeed, as each person is unique, the response to restoring the harmony of the face's oval shape differs.

What are the Different Possible Treatments?

Hyaluronic acid injections can replenish volumes and redefine the mandibular line. There are various aesthetic medicine treatments to reshape the mandibular line. Depending on the curves and desired effects, the treatment may consist of a single solution or a mix of several.

Hyaluronic acid injections help to replenish volumes.

Thread lifts help to create a re-tensioning of the facial skin while boosting natural collagen production.

Are the Different Treatments Difficult to Undergo?

Pain is a sensation felt differently by patients. However, in general, the various treatments offered are painless. In some cases, to reassure our patients, or if the injections seem painful, we apply an anesthetic cream to the areas to be treated. Thus, the sessions, lasting between 15 to 30 minutes, cause no discomfort or sensation of unease. Only some swelling and redness, which disappear very quickly, may appear.

What are the Advantages of Aesthetic Medicine?

Painless and quick, aesthetic medicine offers visible results from the first session of injections. Much less demanding than heavy surgery, this non-surgical medicine allows you to regain youthfulness, cheerfulness, and vivacity in a very short time.

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