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Your Laser Hair Removal and Aesthetic Medicine Center in Nation: Qualified Professionals Attentive to Your Needs

Our team, consisting of five doctors, is delighted to welcome you to the Centre Nation. With diplomas and high qualifications, we are attentive to your various needs and requirements to offer you a personalized treatment plan.

Passionate about aesthetic medicine for over 15 years, Dr. Sandra Nezri, an aesthetic physician in Nation, founded her practice to provide you with the best treatments available in the field. Caring for one's appearance has always been a concern, and today, thanks to aesthetic medicine, you can finally achieve natural and satisfying results. To this end, we offer various treatments according to your requests, as well as sessions of permanent laser hair removal in Nation. Perfect for feeling good in your body!

Discover the Services Offered at Your Laser Hair Removal and Aesthetic Medicine Center

Hyaluronic Acid Injections

Whether you are a woman or a man, hyaluronic acid injections are ideal for combating the effects of aging. The quantity of this molecule, naturally present in the body, decreases over time, leading to the appearance of intercellular spaces in the dermis, or wrinkles. The injections we perform are the perfect solution to reduce their depth. In addition to rejuvenating your face, hyaluronic acid has other significant benefits. If you wish to harmonize the volumes of your face, injections of this molecule allow you to add volume to certain parts of your face, such as the lips, for a very natural result.


If you are looking for a treatment that gives a “new skin” effect, we offer peeling. This is a solution applied to the face to eliminate imperfections on the skin's superficial layer. From the first session, you will notice that your skin is more radiant, its texture is refined, and your imperfections are diminished. The peeling, a leading technique in aesthetic medicine practiced in Nation, thus allows for the renewal of your skin cells, for your greatest delight.

Laser Hair Removal Sessions in Nation

Thanks to advances in aesthetic medicine, it is now possible to permanently and effectively remove hair using laser technology. We have chosen to bring you the best in technology by investing in two types of high-end lasers: the Alexandrite laser, perfect for light skin and fine hair, and the Nd-Yag laser, ideal for in-depth hair removal on black or tanned skin. With its thermo-regulatory effect, the laser permanently destroys the hair, offering you smooth skin all year round!

Facial Mesotherapy

A skin that remains youthful is well-hydrated. To prevent and combat the effects of skin aging, we offer facial mesotherapy. This treatment consists of injections of various natural components such as soy and artichoke, or organic substances, like antioxidants and vitamins. With such a multivitamin cocktail, the skin is deeply hydrated, and the face regains its radiance.

Hair Mesotherapy

Hair loss, or alopecia, is a feared experience for both men and women. For men, it occurs in a very localized manner, and for women, in a much more diffuse way. To address this source of suffering and loss of self-confidence, we offer hair mesolift, a revitalizing cocktail that helps to stop hair loss and stimulate regrowth. A session of hair mesotherapy involves injections into the treated area. Generally, it takes about 3 sessions to measure the effects of this revolutionary treatment.

The services we offer range from laser hair removal to aesthetic medicine to meet all your expectations and provide solutions with natural and effective results.

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