Aesthetic Medicine for the Nose

How aesthetic medicine can rejuvenate your appearance

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What is Aesthetic Medicine for the Nose?

Straight noses are very rare. However, surgery is only necessary if the patient has significant nasal obstruction causing real breathing discomfort. In other cases, depending on the discomfort experienced, it's not always necessary to undergo surgery to correct certain imperfections. This is especially true for minor deviations, bumps on the ridge, drooping, or asymmetrical tips, among others, which can be treated without surgery.

Aesthetic medicine for the nose helps to reduce, or even eliminate, small noticeable irregularities that often lead to a loss of self-confidence and serious complexes. Thanks to a few injections of Hyaluronic Acid, which help correct imperfections, aesthetic medicine assists you in overcoming these issues.

What Nose Defects Can Be Treated Without Surgery?

Aesthetic medicine for the nose is particularly suited for small defects. Therefore, it's an excellent alternative to surgery, which is a major and painful intervention. However, its scope is limited and only applies to minor irregularities of the nose.

The small imperfections that can be corrected by aesthetic medicine for the nose include minor anomalies such as indentations, bumps, overhangs, asymmetries, hollows...

Before surgery, aesthetic medicine for the nose can also help better evaluate the potential results of the surgery.

Aesthetic medicine for the nose offers a highly appreciated solution through the use of different treatments.

How Are Minor Nose Imperfections Corrected with Hyaluronic Acid?

Treatments for the nose using hyaluronic acid help reshape the nose by filling in before and/or after a bump, or filling in a hollow. Hyaluronic acid is completely resorbable between six to twelve months.

Are the Sessions Painful?

The sessions last between 15 and 20 minutes and may involve local anesthesia using an ointment applied to the area being treated. Some redness, which may be accompanied by slight swelling, can be observed during the hours or days following the injections.

What Are the Benefits of Aesthetic Medicine for the Nose?

Painless and quick, the treatments of aesthetic medicine offer visible results immediately after the injections. In just a few minutes, without the need for major surgery, you can thus achieve the nose you have always dreamed of.

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