Laser Hair Removal: Which Areas Can Be Treated with This Method?

Currently, there are numerous traditional hair removal methods such as waxing, tweezing,...

Currently, there are numerous traditional hair removal methods such as waxing, tweezing, and electric hair removal. Although these practices are accessible to everyone, they require daily actions. They can be burdensome and unpleasant due to the time dedicated to these methods and the possible after-effects they can cause (irritations, itching, etc.). Innovations and technological advancements have led to the emergence of more durable and effective methods. Today, laser hair removal is particularly effective. However, is this method really effective? Is it accessible to everyone? Can this hair removal be performed on all parts of the body and face? Your Aesthetic Doctor in Paris provides all the information.

Laser Hair Removal: Its Evolution, a Guarantee of Its Efficacy

The first laser hair removal solution made its debut in 1995. It was after numerous experiments by Dr. Goldstein that the first laser hair removal method was commercialized. Since then, research and innovations have continually evolved this hair removal solution. Consequently, lasers with proven performance have been marketed. Besides their effectiveness, the technologies used today respect all skin types. Indeed, laser hair removal sessions conducted by specialists are a guarantee of quality, effectiveness, and flexibility. Laser hair removal is now accessible to both men and women and can eradicate between 80% to 95% of hair in the treated area.

The Areas Suitable for Laser Hair Removal:

Laser hair removal allows for hair removal on almost all parts of the body and face. Indeed, the laser hair removal method is based on a simple principle: the emission of a laser wave aimed at creating thermocoagulation, which will destroy the lower two-thirds of the hair follicle. This type of solution is effective on most hairs, regardless of skin type. However, some hairs such as white and red hairs are not receptive to the laser wave.

Hair Removal Areas for Women:

The scope of laser hair removal for women is relatively wide. Generally, the different areas treated are as follows:

  • Armpits: This area is one of the most commonly waxed among women.
  • Bikini area: Permanent laser hair removal offers the possibility of performing various types of hair removal, such as standard, extended, or Brazilian bikini. Moreover, laser treatment also addresses ingrown hairs, often present in this area.
  • Legs: This area requires a longer intervention in terms of both the duration of the hair removal treatment and the extent of the session due to the surface area to be treated. Partial or complete hair removal is possible.
  • Face: Different parts of the face can be treated by laser, such as the upper lip.

Hair Removal Areas for Men:

Laser hair removal treatment for men can be applied to many parts of the body and face, such as:

  • Face: Facial hair removal for men helps eliminate excess hair and sculpt the beard.
  • Shoulders: This area is undoubtedly one of the most treated among men. Generally, for aesthetic reasons, many men wish to have this part of the body waxed.
  • Neck and nape: These two areas cater to relatively frequent needs among men with excessive hair growth.
  • Chest and back: The chest is an area extremely receptive to the laser due to the presence of highly pigmented hairs.

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